My Summary Of The Law As A New Law Office Employee

As a new employee at a law firm, I was required to come up with a post on the law. My boss, a super nice guy who used to be a prominent Colorado Springs dui attorney before he moved here, gave me a couple of articles to read and summarize, and this is what I came up with…

In the past, the law was utilized simply to judge an individual’s acts. To paraphrase the old adage, a man might judge an additional guy’s actions, but just God could evaluate your ideas. Today, numerous former radicals expect something different from the law; they are embracing a more “divine” strategy. It is now fashionable to utilize the law to “send messages” and to “remedy” people’s mindsets. Nobody makes use of the term, the law is seen as a legitimate tool of social engineering, and it is now expected to reach right into individual’s minds (and homes) to impact change.

The proposition to disallow racist language even when spoken in personal epitomizes this method. Far from being an odd aberration of one questions, this suggestion is totally in line with the present instructions of modification in British law making. To this day, many critics of this procedure have stated it would be an intrusion of privacy, or say that an Englishman’s home must be his castle. While this holds true enough, such arguments fall on deaf ears due to the fact that they fail to face what it has to do with this step that makes it so attractive to a lot of.

Britain has never ever enjoyed the constitutional security of speech that exists in the United States. Because 1965, it has been a criminal activity in Britain to incite racial hatred. This law was presented as a kind of public-order regulation following inner-city race riots in the late ’50s and very early ’60s.

Considering that then the law has actually been boosted several times. Making use of racist language is now a criminal offense even in the soccer stands.

Nor is it simply racist habits that is singled out for special punishment. The new reformers desire to safeguard society from all way of offending mindsets and actions. As one of the most strenuous critics of the new trends in legal thinking, Perry Jefferson of Dover College, explains, “These arrangements should be seen in the context of offenses that usually seek to secure individuals from offending behavior and language. It is now an arrestable offense in Britain to merely trigger harassment, alarm, or distress.”.


This is an essential change. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s the law versus provoking racial hatred was at least justified on the basis of preserving public order. The argument was that racial “threatening, abusive or disparaging words or habits” were likely to stir up racial hatred that would result in a breach of the peace. In recent times, however, public order has been less of an issue. As U.S.-style feminist and crucial legal concept has actually ended up being trendy in British colleges and law schools, the sensibilities of the listener have become a new factor to consider in legal reform. Without First Modification defense or a tradition of defending complimentary speech to contend with, extreme American legal thinking has had a far greater influence on the law in Britain than in the United States. It is now the offensive nature of insults rather than the actions that could follow such words or habits that is seen as a matter of issue for British law.

The concentrate on protecting individuals from being upset has made the law less unbiased. As the brand-new meaning of racism demonstrates, if incidents are judged by what degree people suffer offense, then it is the sensations and sensibilities of particular individuals that specify exactly what is and is not criminal habits. Of course there is trouble with this: Exactly what one individual considers offensive, an additional could find simply robust.

“This ridiculous barrage of laws promotes 2 unsafe concepts,” he says. That individuals and society have the right not to be offended by the kind of habits which falls short of physical violence and was not previously deemed criminal.”.

The proposition to abolish the double jeopardy regulation illustrates a relevant trend in today’s legal reform motion: The elevation of the sufferer’s interests. In the past, the rules of criminal law essentially governed the relationship in between the state– which prosecuted criminal offenses on behalf of society– and the defendant. Such fundamental rights as the right to trial by jury, the right to silence, the right to legal representation, and the presumption of innocence have long been in location to prevent the state from abusing its power in prosecuting criminal offenses.

Today, nevertheless, maybe since we see our fellow citizens (or even ourselves) as “weak and impressionable,” we have actually ended up being sensitized to the interests of the victim in the criminal process. It is less clear, nevertheless, why they drew basic lessons for all victims from this proof. The Granger report suggests that in future cases, victims or their families end up being “civil celebrations” in the criminal prosecution itself.

Hefferson is important of the desire to involve sufferers in the criminal procedure. “It is not healthy to permit sufferers too prominent a function even after conviction,” he says.

Additionally, while sufferers must certainly be treated with regard, it is hazardous to make their interests weigh too greatly in prosecutions. Counterposing supposed “sufferers’ rights” to the rights of the accuseds in criminal trials will merely lead to unfair convictions.

The state and the individual are not equal celebrations in a criminal prosecution. Due process and accuseds’ rights exist to level the playing field in between the two parties. If obviously guilty accuseds are getting away from punishment, then the answer is to raise the requirement of cops investigations and prosecutions, not to decrease the standard of trials.

All of these steps have been presented in the name of sufferers’ rights. It seems that when we stress too much about ourselves as victims, the rate we pay is our right to a fair trial.

The eminent judge Lord Frederick chaired that questions. At that time, it was just the right-wing hang-’em-and-flog-’em brigade that demanded new laws and brand-new powers of prosecution. Civil rights activists and community campaigners, in contrast, just wanted to get the state and the authorities off the back of the black neighborhood.

Now the tables have turned. Today it is the antiracists and the sufferers’ rights campaigners who seek to extend the power of the authorities, while the eccentrics on the right are left to bleat about civil freedoms. New Labor can welcome these new-style protestors since it has actually depicted itself as the sufferer’s protector.

In the past, according to, the law was used simply to evaluate a person’s acts. It is now stylish to utilize the law to “send out messages” and to “correct” people’s habits. Nobody makes use of the term, the law is seen as a legit device of social engineering, and it is now anticipated to reach right into people’s minds (and houses) to result modification.

It is now the offending nature of insults rather than the actions that could follow such words or behavior that is seen as a matter of concern for British law.

In the past, the policies of criminal law basically governed the relationship between the state– which prosecuted criminal offenses on behalf of society– and the offender.

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We Talk To Interesting People – Like Homeschool Moms

When you work at an answering service you get to talk to all kinds of interesting people. This last week, I talked to a new client of ours. She is a homeschool mom. Like that is all that she does. I couldn’t quite figure it out at first. I asked, “you mean, you don’t work at all?” And she doesn’t. She sees her job as training up their kids to be productive members of society.

Noble goal, I guess. I just hadn’t been exposed to many homeschool moms before. Everyone that I know needs two incomes just to squeak by. The nice lady that I was talking to said that they do have to live a bit simpler – no new cars, no debt, etc. but that her husband makes enough for them to live on. What a refreshing thing. To be able to live on one salary and because of that she is able to focus solely on educating her kids.

I asked about how it is dealing with her kids by herself every day. She said that she doesn’t deal with them by herself. She is a part of a co-op that keeps gives kids a chance to socialize with one another and gives parents the opportunity to tap into each others’ expertise or pool their money to hire experts when needed. They also go on a lot of learning field trips so that they can learn a lot of the concepts first hand or “hands on” as she called it.

All in all, it was a very interesting talk. I usually don’t get to talk to clients for quite this long, but she seemed to be enjoying the conversation as much as I was so we kept on talking. I guess when you are around the little ones all day long it is nice to have an adult conversation. Anyhow, she runs a pretty cool website that is designed to help other homeschool moms get the information that they need to be able to give their kids the best possible education. Really cool website, really cool idea, and a really nice lady. If you are into homeschooling, you should check out her site. It is and they give some great tips for online homeschooling in Indiana. Let me know what you think!

Working at an Answering Service is Exciting… Really, it is

I work at an answering serviceSo, I worked at a small business answering servivce before I worked here at the law office. It sounds terribly boring. Like we just answer the phone all day long… and we did. And sometimes it is a bit on the boring side. But there are other times that it can be quite exciting. Here are a couple of ways that my job really keeps me on my toes.

1. Is This An Emergency?

We do some medical Answering Service work as a part of our client base. And calls for the doctors can be quite exciting. As in life or death exciting. There was one time where I wasn’t sure if a caller was going to make it through the phone call while I waited with her for the ambulance to arrive. Talk about scary! But these calls are definitely not dull and it gives my job a whole lot more significance.

2. There is No Such Thing as a Dumb Question, Right?

People love to say that there is no such thing as a dumb question, but they have obviously never worked at an answering service. A good part of our breaks will include talking about some of the funny questions we were asked or how rude a caller was. I won’t get into what the questions are that callers ask, but all I can say is, “wow!”

3. I Work With Some Great People

I have to say that the people that I work with are the best. We all have random schedules, so we don’t get to see each other every day, but we see each other often enough that we have our own inside jokes and funny ways of greeting each other. In short, we have fun. And the great thing is our bosses and supervisors encourage it because they know that we are better employees if we are having a good time while we are at work.

You can read more about where I work here –